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It's been some time since I last bothered to take anyone out on a date. But I do my best to please. Especially if it seems to mortify Noniel. *smirks* It's amusing. I will have to do this more often. Especially since I've already booked a second one...
Morwen: *checks her hair in the reflection of a bakery and walks to the cafe*

Turgon: *waiting for her at the door, has made sure everything inside is absolutely perfect, though he didn't manage to get the minstrel he promised...*

Morwen: Your highness *smiles and offers her arm*

Turgon: *bows his head and takes her arm* You look radiant. A true queen of your people.

Morwen: And you, quite handsome.

Turgon: Well, I usually am. *grins and leads her in to their table - which has the best view out the window, of course* I'm going to have to start this evening with an apology. I'm afraid I couldn't get the best minstrel in the city for you.

Morwen: *slight pout* But that was the only reason I came! Certainly not for the good company.

Turgon: Alas, she was in a rather foul mood. I'm afraid you'll have to settle for some of the best as opposed to the very best.

Morwen: *smiles* I would have settled for none, of course.

Turgon: Ah, but I always do my best to deliver what I say I will.

Morwen: What else is in store for this evening? *glances at the menu*

Turgon: Whatever tickles your fancy. I live to serve those who live in my city.

Morwen: A tour of the walls, perhaps?

Turgon: If you'd like. *smiles with a tilt of his head*

Morwen: Excellent. Tell me about the music?

Turgon: What would you like to know? The harpist, there, was trained by my cousin before we came over the ocean. The flautist, as well. I'm not sure about the lutist, as he's Sindarin, but he is rather talented with his hands.

Morwen: I really have enjoyed the music since I came here. I wish I'd paid more attention in my lessons when I was younger, so I could show you some Rohirric songs. They... are quite different. Excellent for dancing

Turgon: We do have dance music here, as well, but I didn't think that would be suitable for eating. Though, if you have any written music or could even sing a little of your Rohirric music, I'm sure our minstrels could imitate it for you.

Morwen: *tests out her singing voices with a few snatches* Maybe.

Turgon: Kana is also a very good teacher, she could possibly help your skill along enough that you could perform for all of us. Minstrels make a good amount of money, here.

Morwen: ...ah, if that's who I think it is, I doubt she'd be inclined to help me in any way.

Turgon: You'd be surprised, I think. Gossip and rumours are both wonderful and terrible weapons.

Morwen: She's threatened the lives of my two eldest.

Turgon: And was heartbroken when they would no longer let her teach your youngest.

Morwen: Not to cause any offence to your family, but I suspect I would have made the same choice in their place, if only because they *do* need to pick up Theodwyn after those lessons.

Turgon: *nods* I just mean to say that it's an individual thing, not a family thing. And there is never offence. I know more than most just how insane my family is.

Morwen: Well, I wasn't going to call her that. That's tactless, I've never even met the woman. However, if she's half as charming as you, I'll have to wonder how my children could feel that way about her

Turgon: Well, I sometimes get the impression that your Theoden isn't very fond of -me-, either. But I don't hold that against him.

Morwen: He hasn't mentioned that.

Turgon: No, he's far too well mannered, I suppose. You've raised a good lot.

Morwen: *smiles* They are good. They... don't always make the best choices, but they're good kids. Do you have any?

Turgon: I have a daughter, Idril. Eru only knows where she's off to right now.

Morwen: Work. Studying hard. Industrious things.

Turgon: *laughs* My Idril? I doubt it. More likely bribing the guards to look the other way while she swims in the fountains.

Morwen: Well, I tried for optimism. *smiles*

Turgon: Me too. *winks* I'm hoping she's dressed.

Morwen: *considering look* are they fun to swim in? I haven't gone since I was a child

Turgon: I wouldn't know. I haven't tried. I would think heading out to a nearby lake would be far more satisfying for a swim, though.

Morwen: Is that safe?

Turgon: As long as you stay in the valley, yes.

Morwen: I should plan a day trip. It'll be nice to see where I've ended up

Turgon: You should. I can find you a guide, if you like?

Morwen: Could you spare the time to be my guide?

Turgon: *slight smirk* Perhaps. If you ask nicely.

Morwen: *takes his hands and looks him in the eye with a mischief-filled smile* Please, your highness, would you show me your lands?

Turgon: Gladly, my dear. *lifts her hands to his lips and kisses lightly*

Morwen: *pleased blush*

Turgon: *amused* You colour so easily.

Morwen: A downside of fair skin. At least one of my poor children has inherited it

Turgon: Ah, well, it's charming.

Morwen: My husband thinks so too

Turgon: Smart man.

Morwen: I'm not always sure of that, but his taste is impeccable.

Turgon: *chuckles* I guess that's what counts.

Morwen: *lets the waiter refill her wineglass* This is excellent. In Rohan we mostly had... mead and beer.

Turgon: Which are good in their own ways, but sometimes a nice wine is quite essential.

Morwen: Only thing I missed about leaving home. *sips*

Turgon: You moved to be in Rohan?

Morwen: I'm from a place called Lossarnarch. I doubt it even exists yet.

Turgon: Not that I know, no. I am often very curious of the world to come, though.

Morwen: More war, more sorrow.

Turgon: Somehow? I doubt that will ever change.

Morwen: Before I left, Mordor had gone and stolen more of our horses. Only the black ones

Morwen: Not as bad as some of the things they do, but it's ominous.

Turgon: At least they are not making their own? Morgoth makes many evil things.

Morwen: The Mearas are the finest horses in the world. Their theft by Sauron is horrible

Turgon: But they do not breath fire, as the dragons' do, surely?

Morwen: No, but there's nothing faster, smarter, or well bred. It's not something you want the enemy to have

Turgon: *nods* I see.

Morwen: We don't really have a Morgoth to contend with, at least

Turgon: That's... reassuring.

Morwen: A nicer topic now. *finishes off her wine*

Turgon: Yes, sorry. *smiles* The festival of lights is soon. Do you celebrate something similar?

Morwen: *shakes her head* This will be my first one.

Morwen: *touches her forehead after shaking* Maybe too much wine

Turgon: Should I take you home? *raises an eyebrow*

Morwen: That may be best. I forgot how easily wine gets to me. Forgive me? We can do a tour some other time *smiles* The music's been lovely, and so has dinner

Turgon: Of course. *rises, offering his arm* We can arrange to have dinner in my rooms after our tour. I would like to get to know you much better.

Morwen: *agreeable noise* I'd enjoy that, yes. *takes his arm*

Turgon: Good. *pays the waiter and starts to guide her home*

Morwen: *sings more Rohirric songs on the way, showing him a bit of the dance*

Turgon: *quite amused* Do all your people get drunk so easily?

Morwen: No, just me. I was going to show you these anyway. I was feeling young again

Turgon: Truly you are young, madam.

Morwen: Haven't felt like it since I got here and seeing my kids grown up

Turgon: Please, you aren't even half my daughter's age.

Morwen: It weighs on humans. I've been thinking about it a lot, since meeting elves for the first time

Turgon: Ah, I suppose I never thought about it.

Morwen: Sit down sometime and consider it. You might find yourself enjoying things more.

Turgon: And my parents complain that I already enjoy things too much.

Morwen: What a thing to say to your son

Turgon: Have you met my parents? I don't think ada knows how to smile.

Morwen: *tsks*

Turgon: *shrugs* That's just how they are.

Morwen: Maybe it's them I should be giving the advice to

Turgon: Perhaps. I don't think they would listen.

Morwen: Oh well. That's life, I suppose

Turgon: That it is.

Morwen: ...and here's my new home, humble as it is. Lovely buildings in your city

Turgon: Thank you. I designed them myself.

Morwen: *pecks his cheek* I love it. Thank you for the date

Turgon: *nods, kinda tempted to kiss her but is on good behaviour -for now-* Of course, my dear. I look forward to the next one.

Morwen: *goes inside, humming happily*

Maybe on the next date, I can pull out embarrassing childhood stories about Noniel? We'll have to see how it goes.

Speaking of seeing things as they go. I found this on my way home:

She had fallen asleep on one of the benches along the city wall. Normally, I'd have just left my cousin there as the city is safe enough, but it was starting to rain and I just didn't have the heart to leave her there. I brought her back to my extra room in my office and tucked her in. She seems to still be sleeping, but maybe she can tell me what's up when she wakes?
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